ABOUT 当サイトについて


Naoki Tsuruoka (鶴岡 直樹)

Founder and CEO of TMfesta (TMフェスタ代表)
Trademark consultant

※Director of Japan Trademark Association (日本商標協会 理事)


<Vision> TMfesta.com aims to connect Japan and world with trademark news/information.

<Contents> TMfesta.com is focused only trademark related news/information. TMfesta.com shows “INBOUND” (Japan) news/information, including “JPO Watcher” (JPO news), for trademark professionals outside Japan and “OUTBOUND” (Overseas) news/information for trademark professionals in Japan.

<Background> I started TMfesta from 2016 after 31 years of service for Reuters/Thomson Compumark in the area of news marketing and trademark business.
I am happy to provide any assistance with your business expansion and business support in Japan through TMfest.com or outside the Web site.