JPO Conducted Training Courses to Support Developing and Emerging Countries

From December 5 to 14, the JPO (Japan Patent Office) conducted the IPR Training Course on Managing IP, targeting for the personnel involving IP management and IP utilization at universities, R&D institutions, IP offices, etc. A total of 20 trainees attended this Course.

From December 8 to 21, the JPO conducted the IPR Training Course on Practitioners Specializing in Trademark, targeting for trademark practitioners working in law firms or private companies in Asian countries. A total of 26 trainees attended this Course.

These courses were designed to support developing countries with the development of human resources who engage in the industrial property rights system, the JPO has been inviting trainees from developing and emerging countries of the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America, Africa, and other regions, to provide training programs for them in Japan.

The JPO has high expectations that the trainees will be active in the field after going back to their countries.